Our club maintains stationary H0 and N scale layouts featuring a freelanced theme. We also have portable HO scale modules that can be set up at train shows and events.

The move to our new location on Osceola Drive meant completely tearing down both layouts, salvaging what sections we could, and rebuilding everything pretty much from scratch. Our new layouts and track designs will be completely different than they were at the old location, but we will re-use many of our existing buildings and some scenery.

Our layouts and the modules are all DCC controlled using Digitrax systems.

Although our normal running sessions are on hold while we reconstruct our layouts, we typically run operating sessions on our club evenings. These sessions are pretty basic, as we take trains from staging areas to specific industrial areas to pick up “empties” and spot “loads”. A train and crew order sheet specifies where a train has to go and which cars are to be picked up and spotted at their destinations. Yardmasters have to make sure that the train crew gets the correct number and types of cars.

The public is invited to view our layouts and operations on Fridays starting at 6:00pm.